Currencies on NaniRO [Mini Guide]

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Currencies on NaniRO [Mini Guide]

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On NaniRo there are more than just the good old zenys to pay for Items, so just take a look at the (custom) currencies that exist on NaniRO:

NaniRO Event Coin
You get these Coins for participating in Events (GM-Events and Automated Events).
You can use these to buy useful items at the "Event Coin Shop" located south of the vending area.

NaniRO MVP Coin
You get these Coins for killing MVPs.
They can be used to buy useful items at the MVP Coin Shop located to the right of the blacksmith house.

NaniRO Cash Coin
As we do not accept donations on NaniRO, the only way to get these Coins is trading NaniRO Event Coins (3:1) or NaniRO MVP Coins (1:1) to NaniRO Cash Coins.
These Coins can be used at the ingame Cash Shop (the icon left of the minimap) to buy some very useful Items.
In order to use these Coins in the Cash Shop you have to use them!

NaniRO Reward Coin
You can get these Coins by defeating some special Mobs or finding hidden Treasures.
They can be used to buy PVP-Equipment at the PVP-House in the northwest of Tetoria or can be used similar to the NaniRO Cash Coins.
~ Nephayr

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