Novice to lvl 175 Guide

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Novice to lvl 175 Guide

Post by John »

John's Basic guide to leveling

Hi! I am John, one of the first ones to play the server and I have here a simple guide to help players reach 175 of whatever 3rd job you guys want.

Disclaimer: This is a general guide, so whatever class you are using have its own advantages/disadvantages. Capitalize on it.

For level 1 to first class:
Kill some random lunatics walking around Tetoria (main town). Do not forget to wear your newbie freebies as it will help damage-wise.
It should give you enough to change job to first class.

First class:
Anthell: to access anthell just talk to the custom warper->select dungeon->anthell and choose the first option
First floor of anthell is, and will always be newbie friendly. Kill enough ant eggs to reach levels enough to change job to second class.

Second class:
Payon Dungeon (50-70)
Brasilis Dungeon(70-99)
Most second classes have their aoe skills from first class aside some few,(bowling bash, demonstration, grand cross,)
What I do is I try to get some skill points by going back to anthell01 and getting the aoe skill. Then proceed to level in payon dungeon 3rd floor (munaks, bongun, skeleton soldiers and archers). Bring some fly wings and potions because you will need to kite and mobbing of monsters . If you are new to gaming (i doubt it) and doesnt know what kiting is. It is technically a hit and run strategy. Mobbing is getting the agression of monsters and killing multiple of them at once. You will do this same thing in brasilis dungeon with Piranhas.

After rebirth and first and 2nd transendence classes
Magma Dungeon
You are now level 99 and possibly have changed jobs into a 3rd class. This is where it gets easier and harder at the same time. The server is customized to have more (2-3x) spawn rates of mobs unlike other servers. Here you will do the same, pull agression, kill multiple mobs with AoE skills. You can level here until 130 with a field manual.

Level 130-150
After the scorching hot area, you now come to the cool underground cave of Scaraba Hole 2nd floor.

If you can grab a fire elemental converter (or fire arrows/bullets) it will help alot in clearing monsters faster. The monsters here will have stone skin which will half physical damage. Be careful.

Same thing as before for classes with AoE. Pull and kill multiple monsters. For single target people, it will be a little bit slower but you can level here until 150

Level 150-175
Thanatos tower 10/11
Dont forget to autoloot Stone of Sage as it sells a pretty zeny. (alootid +12040)
This is where it gets insanely annoying. I would suggest gearing up abit with mora coin items (Peuz set, napha/sapha or white wing/black wing set) and possibly refining equips to their safe refine rate (+4 mostly) and get some basic Cards (racial and size modifiers will help alot)

Once you get in the dungeon, you will understand why it is annoying. Bring potions. You cant use fly wings here.

Congratulations. You have reached the first hardship. Now go get to 300!

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Re: Novice to lvl 175 Guide

Post by Kargalgan »


What John wrote works.

But I can add something helpful.
  • For every Job between levels 1-80. IT IS WORTH IT
    Take the second collecting quest from Questpost. Go to Payon Field/Forest 4 and collect 50 Apples and 50 Grapes.
  • For most physical damage classes (works best with Archer, doable with Merchat, Theif, Swordsman, etc.., use high damage, spammable skills like Double Strafe, Mammonite/Cart Termination, Sonic Blow) with high HIT (minimum 320+), level 88-123 (lower and higher levels will get much less exp. points).
    Go to Rock Ridge Field 1, kill Buffalos (attack with Water or Poison) and Coyotes (attack with Fire or Poison). Buffalos drop good cards for physical damage classes.
    It is doable with Mage Jobs, but harder. Mage can only focus on Coyotes (non-aggressive, mele range) and avoid Buffalos (aggressive + ranged damage)
  • For Mages and Archers, levels 65-100.
    Kill Goats (attack with Water) in Yuno Field 11.
  • For high DEX Archers, levels 69-103.
    Kill Harpies (attack with Earth) in Yuno Field 04 with Arrow Storm or Sharp Shooting (Harpies are fast and aggressive, so use Wind Walk / Increse Agi buff, mob a few of them and kill whole bunch at once).
  • For Merchants or Assassins, levels 64-100
    Kill Pasana (Attack with Water or Poison) in Sphinx Dungeon 5. Spam Mammonite or Sonic Blow
  • For Assassins or Mages, levels 46-81
    Kill Sandman (attack with Fire) in Sograt Desert 16. Sandmans are slow and aggressive, easily mobbed. Assassins can use Hiding+Gromtooth while Mages can use... any AOE that can take 2887 HP in one cast.

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Re: Novice to lvl 175 Guide

Post by havzxd »

This will also help to level up faster
For level 101 - 140 take all the quest then turn them in after you reach level 140. (Use Battle Manual or Battle Manual X3 you'll reach level 200+ if you do this..)
for level 200+ you can do MvP killing or go to Poring cave lvl 2-3 (level 200-235Cave 2 & Level 235-275 Cave 3 )

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Re: Novice to lvl 175 Guide

Post by John »

Thank you guys for the additional info, surely newbies will love this!

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